Link dump! Stories ahoy.

There's a bunch of stories out from my old Clarion classmates, and they're all really really worth a read. Some of them you can find online, some only on paper (so far. Some magazines publish stories online after a while). But  if you're the least bit interested in quality speculative fiction from new authors, look these people  up. Adam Israel's story Dog Days is up at Crossgenres.

Dustin Monk's story "Shiny Things" will be featured in the very first issue of Prime Mincer.

Tamsyn Muir has debuted in Fantasy Magazine with her story "The House That Made the Sixteen Loops of Time". You can read it online here.

Kali Wallace's first story can be found in Fantasy & Science Fiction, entitled "Botanical Exercises for Curious Girls".

Oh, and Greg Bossert is getting his story "Slow Boat", previously published in Asimov's, translated into Russian for the SF magazine Esli. How cool is that?

As for myself, my story "Augusta Prima" is now available in Weird Tales #357. The next issue of WT will feature another story called "Jagannath" and is out in May.

P.S. I lifted most of this info from Greg Bossert's blog, as he's much better than I at keeping track of what everyone's up to.  Go over there!