Meanwhile, back in the jungle

Here's some stuff other people are doing. Sara Bergmark Elfgren, co-author of the supernatural YA novel Cirkeln (The Circle) now has a blog in English. The first part in a planned trilogy, Cirkeln quickly became a huge success in Sweden and is now being translated into fifteen languages. The English translation, published by Random House, will appear in 2012. Sara and her teammate Mats Strandberg are now working on the second book, Eld (Fire).

The Odd? anthology edited by Jeff & Ann Vandermeer will be accompanied by a stupendous promo video, animated by writer and artist Greg Bossert. Here are some amazing stills.

Finnish writer Mike Pohjola's new novel Ihmisen Poika is an autobiographical Jesus novel, or as the author says, Stand by Me meets Life of Brian. Hopefully we'll soon see it translated into other languages.

Those of you who can read Swedish (or are willing to expose yourselves to Google Translate's Swenglish) should also check out this lovely series of articles about urban fantasy by TT Spektra: Part one is centered around Maria Turtschaninoff and her book Underfors, an urban fantasy set in contemporary Helsinki. The second part hooks up with Mårten Sandén, an author whose YA novels about Jannike Faltin are set in a fantastical Stockholm. Part three visits Malmö and my friend Nene Ormes, whose debut Udda Verklighet explored the hidden world of Sweden's third most populous city.