Publishing news: Amatka, a novel

My first novel, Amatka, is out in Swedish in September. This is the story of colonizing a world where where physical reality is mutable, and language both a tool and a threat. It follows Vanja, a researcher who has failed to fulfil most of the duties expected of a good citizen. She is sent to the distant colony Amatka to map hygiene habits. What she finds during her research leads to something quite different, unravelling the truth about the colonies and their history. The idea for this story originally came in a long series of dreams I had about ten years ago. In the first one, there was a row of trucks on a dirt road, the drivers standing outside smoking. They were delivering goods to a town that lay far north and that no-one ever visited. The drivers refused to tell anyone what went on up there. In the second dream, I woke up in a town built entirely out of concrete, and knew that this was that northern town the drivers travelled to. In the third dream, a copse of cast-iron pipes stood on a plain. Some of them were bent at the top like periscopes; others were torn, like something had exploded out of them.

These three dreams along with some others became a poetry collection that was an attempt to map the world they took place in. Some of them were published in Lyrikvännen, a Swedish poetry journal. With that as a base, the story about Brilars Vanja, hygiene researcher, emerged. It's been a long and strange trip to get there. But some stories take their own sweet time to mature.

Amatka is published by Mix Förlag with a cover by Lisa Sjöblom, the same artist who created the cover for Vem är Arvid Pekon?.