My centipede is blushing

I was all meh because I haven't seen a lot of reader reactions to "Jagannath", the story that to date has been the most difficul to write, ever. I generally don't like reading reviews, but "Jagannath" was such a milestone for me that I really, really wanted to know that it had touched someone. A text is supposed to be read; without a reader it's dead matter. The story was made into a podcast over at Drabblecast, and Norm Sherman casually mentioned that it got a lot of positive reviews on the forums. So I went there and checked, and let's just say I have something in my eye now. People are saying the kindest things, they've been paying attention and are discussing what the story is about, who the people in it are and what it all means. Best of all, they each have their own, very different take on it.

Remember to praise your favourite stories, people. It'll make a writer somewhere very happy.


This story was first published in Weird Tales #358, so if you prefer it in text form, go get yourself a copy (and get lots of other great stuff at the same time).