I've been working with edits on Amatka and Jagannath simultaneously during late winter and spring. Obviously it's a lot of fun, as I'm about to see these books in print - but suffering from end-of-process fatigue on two fronts, not so much. Thankfully, I'm in the hands of excellent editors. Ann and Jeff Vandermeer over at Cheeky Frawg are the best editors I've ever worked with, both when it comes to help a text reach its full potential, and to make you feel good about it. The editors for Amatka, Catharina Wrååk and Titti Person at Mix, have a wonderful knack for structure and character development which is exactly what that story needs. So, this'll turn out pretty well. And sometimes the two processes actually sync, which is when you can drop everything and go skiing with family. Some lovely days of downhill skiing, and for the first time since 1989, cross-country. In April this is more about sliding around on ice than zooming across the snowy wastes, so I'm proud of this achievement. My sister-in-law says I've come out of the winter sports closet.