Post-conal bliss

Spent the weekend at Åcon 5 in lovely Mariehamn, Åland. It's a tiny convention with a maximum of 100 participants, which makes for a different atmosphere (and a programming where nothing clashes). The brilliant, funny and gracious Catherynne Valente was this year's guest of honor. I hadn't read any of her fiction before, but after sharing a couple of panels and hearing her talk about her work, I'm dead set on going through her entire production. Picked up Palimpsest and was hooked right away. The creative input from meeting so many writers from Sweden, Finland, Åland and Latvia combined with both serious and silly discussion left me with a crapload of notes on at least three new fiction projects, one of which is so far out of my own comfort zone that just thinking about it is unsettling (which of course means it must be written. If scary, do it). Writer herd instinct satisfied, brain fed.