Weird Tales etc argh

It's been a couple of days which makes this old internet hat, the massive train wreck that is the new editor's systematic mangling of Weird Tales Magazine. Under former editor Ann Vandermeer, the magazine became a thing of beauty. She published two of my first English stories in WT, and I was so proud of making my English debut there. Then Marvin Kaye bought WT and shit ensued. Recap by Jeff Vandermeer here and a very good intro post by N K Jemisin here, because they say it better than I could. I don't know what's going to happen, but I do hope that everyone keeps in mind that this festering zombie of a magazine is not the same Weird Tales that Ann brought to strange, new heights. So just a note: if you were by any chance interested in reading "Augusta Prima" or "Jagannath", don't buy a copy of WT. The stories will be available in my short story collection Jagannath. It's published by Cheeky Frawg, which is headed by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer, so neener neener.