Jagannath gets some love from Locus Magazine

About fifteen years ago, when I worked in SF-Bokhandeln, I would read Locus Magazine on my lunch break and dream about having a book reviewed in there. Locus was my first encounter with the English-speaking publishing industry, and it all seemed magical and far away. Write a book? Heh. In English? Surely, you jest! How I would love to travel back in time and present this review by Gary K. Wolfe in the October issue to my twenty-year-old self:

Wolfe has some very kind things to say such as

Tidbeck has the discipline to follow such absurdist premises with a kind of fierce plot logic that almost makes them seem inevitable. (about "Beatrice")


[...] her various oddities are grounded in an absolutely authentic sense of place, and a keen understanding of how the heart works, even when it isn’t assisted by shift workers inside the body.

And he thinks this is the most important debut since Margo Lanagan ... so this is high praise indeed.

The review doesn't seem to be available online, and Locus only publishes a small portion of their printed material on the website. But that's a fantastic excuse for curious people to buy an actual paper magazine.