Jagannath link dump: reviews, interviews, essays

It seems Jagannath has exploded. I've been so inundated with information the past couple of weeks that updating the blog hasn't really been a priority. But - since World Fantasy, reviews podcasts and blog posts have been cropping up everywhere, and what they're saying about Jagannath is so kind that I had to bring out the shame pillow (normally a pillow Swedes hide their faces behind while watching something that induces Fremdscham, but also handy for when assaulted by too many compliments). Gary K Wolfe's review is now available online: "one of the most dis­tinctive new voices in short fiction since Margo Lanagan."

Stefan Raets at Tor.com says "Visionary, subtle, incisive"

and Cheryl Morgan who asserts that "there is something out there, or hiding in the shadows, but you don’t know what it is, and you are afraid to find out."


World SF Blog just finished their Author's Week #5, in which they published a series of posts tied to myself. There be a free story! Links:

Tuesday: "Brita's Holiday Village" (excerpt from Jagannath)

Wednesday: Interview with Charles Tan

Thursday: Review of Jagannath by Sofia Samatar

Friday: Landscapes (guest blog post by myself)


That's it for tooting my own horn, for now. Toot.