Pavlov's writer

Like a Pavlovian dog (without the drooling), I condition myself into various states for various pieces of fiction. Usually, one or two albums playing over and over again while working on a story. The programming for the upcoming stories in 2013 went something like this - "Sing" - sometime during the first half of 2013 This Mortal Coil: Filigree and Shadow and Blood

"A Fine Show on the Abyssal Plain" - Lightspeed Magazine, first half of 2013 Björk: Homogenic and the Carnivale soundtrack by Jeff Beal

"I Have Placed My Sickness Upon You" - Strange Horizons, March 2013 I wrote this one more than a year ago, so honestly can't remember. A year ago it would have been a lot of Florence & the Machine, Rachid Taha or Kate Bush. I binged on Kate Bush until I couldn't stand her voice anymore.

"Culte des Goules" - The Starry Wisdom Library, second half of 2013 Jarboe: Sacrificial Cake and Anna von Hausswolff's Ceremony

Of course I ruin these albums for myself for a while afterward. Collateral damage. Right now, I'm working on a longer project that requires Fever Ray.