A very sad goat and an honorable mention

My story "I Have Placed My Sickness Upon You" is now available at Strange Horizons, both in text form and as a podcast. Major props to Strange Horizons for offering a reading of the story right away; it's great to be able to ping friends and fans who for various reasons can't read it. However there are complaints from readers that the story made them very sad. I'm sorry about the goat, people.

I'm also very happy be on the honor list for the Tiptree Award! This year's winners were two monumentally great books by Caitlín Kiernan and Kiini Ibura Salaam, and the honor list is populated by some very impressive names and stories. I'm truly honored to be in such company. The Tiptree Award is one of the most important ones out there, and getting a mention here means a lot.