The day I got deus ex machinaed by Peter Gabriel

Finished new story draft. I was stuck until I found the right song, and with that one on repeat, everything just unfolded. Funny that, because I normally don't like Peter Gabriel. But there it was. I listened to Mercy Street in the original version, the live version, and Fever Ray's brilliant cover. Black Uhuru's is decent, too. Thanks, Peter. Other songs that seem to have this magical unknotting quality are This Mortal Coil's The Horizon Bleeds and Sucks Its Thumb, which only clocks in at 2:53, but those are some magical 2:53 minutes. The same goes for Cocteau Twins' Blue Bell Knoll. Thanks, 4AD.

In other news, I'll be at Fantasticon 2013 in Copenhagen this september, along with Tricia Sullivan, Peter Adolphsen and my lovely local colleague Nene Ormes.

In other other news, I seem to have discovered how to pour soy milk into coffee without getting it all clumped. This is a small miracle.