It's Monday again, etc.

Summer arrived with a bang as it always does here; from icy winds to sweltering heat (sweltering = slightly above room temperature) in one day. Living off freelance work and occasional employments doesn't leave much room for vacation, but I'll try to take some time off in July. Until then, I have a strict schedule to help me finish the big heap of almost-done drafts on my (virtual) desk, do some manuscript critiquing, prepare a weekend course in SF/F and a summer course for SF/F beginners (writing, that is).

After the bunch of stories that came out in March and April, the last one in the row is "Moonstruck" over at Shadows & Tall Trees Magazine. After that, no new material for a little while. I'll post new sales and appearances here, of course. Meanwhile, I'll pop up at European conventions here and there and post things like flamingo drawings and reminisce about how music was better in the 80's.