Some great stuff I read this week

This essay: "We Have Always Fought: Challenging the Women, Cattle and Slaves Narrative" by Kameron Hurley, which is a look at how we talk about women's role in history and how screwed-up most people's image of "realistic" is. It's an eye-opener. From there one can go to Foz Meadow's link-loaded ammunition for the next time you run into the "all women did through history was cook and have babies" crowd. And why not take another hop to Tansy Rayner Robert's essay about historically authentic sexism in fantasy? I'm not in the mood to expand on my own experiences of writers, readers and gamers defending sexism because "history", because it's a long and sad story that will not differ much from what Hurley already says so eloquently in her essay. Not to mention (as if it were a minor detail) growing up with the image that women never did anything interesting enough to get into the history books. So, now for someone who subverts expectations and stereotypes with a seemingly effortless elegance: Kai Ashante Wilson has a new story out at, "Super Bass". His prose and imagery are amazing, like nothing I've ever read before. Reading this story left me dazed and feeling slightly drunk. So you should go and do the same. And keep an eye out for more of his stuff.

(Edit: Greg Bossert said that he thinks Kai transcends stereotypes rather than subvert them, and I have to agree. "Transcend" seems to have been out to lunch.)

In other news: cramming Babylon 5, flailing through a pile of text, making a skirt with robots on it.