Finncon, cont'd.

So day 2 of Finncon was fun and overwhelming. Three events - a reading and interview with Ben Roimola, a screening of Kim jest Arvid Pekon?, and participating in the Speculative TV Shows panel (I bombed; Syksy Räsänen was brilliantly inscrutable; Caitlin Sweet outshone us all in a glorious vision of a post-apocalyptic Teletubbies remake). Sadly no time for me to see other panels, but I hope to do so today - in an hour there's a panel on soundtracks for writing, with my esteemed colleague Nene Ormes. Have talked to more interesting and lovely people than I can keep track of. And reunions with old friends I haven't seen in ages.

One thing that never fails to freak me out about Finnish audiences is that their body language while listening is often so very spare. With other audiences, you'll get little cues: nodding, a couple of "mhm":s here and there, laughter, shifting positions. I've run into this before at other Finnish cons, and it took a while before a kind soul explained to me that it's perfectly normal. Polite, even. Still, it's hard to get used to. I'm told Canadian audiences are similar.