WFA, Fantasticon, Reviving Cranes

Still haven't digested the WFA thing. I'm horribly slow with those things. So, instead I'm keeping busy with editing translations, working on a new longer project (say no more, or I'll jinx it). Have made sure I'm going to World Fantasy in Brighton. I'm not going to place any bets on who will win in the Collections category, but all of the nominees are just so ridiculously talented that it feels like a toss-up at this point.

The program for Fantasticon 2013 in Copenhagen is up. I'm very much looking forward to meeting Tricia Sullivan, whose novels Double Vision and Sound Mind I'm reading back to back. The ideas on reality structure and psychology in those, and how they're realized, are just blowing my mind. Some of it explores the same ideas that I worked with on Amatka: language, sound and reality. I tried reading them at my normal pace at first, but it can't be done. Too much to chew on.

Listening to old stuff from my teens that's still good and that I need to re-program my brain for, to get rid of the teen-angst flashbacks. You know how it is. "Friday I'm In Love" comes on, and suddenly your nostrils fill with the smell of hairspray and beer and Gauloises and musty thrift-shop clothing, and this formless kind of melancholy explodes in your head until you realize that whew, you're not in high school anymore and you didn't become a mindless muggle after 25, and WWIII didn't happen in 1999 (although it might later on of course, but after growing up under THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING I ran out of terror). Not Robert Smith this time, though. I'm reviving Wings of Joy by Cranes, which is possibly one of the best albums of all time. "Starblood" still blows my mind. I read the lyrics, which aren't much to look at, but then I never listened to the lyrics when it came to them. (mostly because I can't hear what she's singing, but don't tell anyone)