In which I receive a weird and wonderful box of chocolates

My students from this year's summer course in writing fantasy and science fiction decided to congratulate me on the WFA nomination. When I came home yesterday, I found this sticking out of the mailbox:

And that, dear readers, is a box of bona fide Jagasweets. Not only that, but inside I found a description of the different pralines, based on the subjects we'd gone through during the course and things the students had written. It's in Swedish, but inside are delicacies like

Mary Sue: an intact cherry with a filling of improbable skills and writer's block ripple.

As You Know, Bob Liqueur Dream: As everyone knows, a praline made of 62% forastero chocolate with a buckthorn liqueur ganache - and that's why we have to switch on the overclocked valve compressors!

Cliché Fest Praline: No surprises here. Our praline is strong, can fight, doesn't cry and is just the right amount of exotic. Flavored with traditional gender roles and an aftertaste of "black friend dies fifteen minutes into the film".

Epic Love Scene: embarrassing similes with an intense dark chocolate pining and improbable vanilla faithfulness. Sprinkled with dandruff from Fabio's head. (May contain traces of cupid arrows)

Necrophile Ninja: a nut dipped in bodily fluids; contains traces of death.

What an incredible compliment. It seems I did something right. And my students are awesome.