Beatrice becomes puppet theatre

So here's a piece of incredibly exciting news. My short story "Beatrice" is being adapted for the stage - the puppet stage. The Danish group Tidsrum (homepage in Danish) has already received grants from the Danish Agency for Culture and Danish Actors' Association for this production, which will premiere in June 2014.

A surreal and tragicomical universe, where airships and steam engines are creatures who co-exist with humans. They live, love, hate, die and reproduce in a bizarre organic fashion.

Tidsrum's adaptation is intended for children and young adults, but this will in no way mean toothless, sugared theatre. It will be passionate and bitter, funny and sad, dark and bright.

I've been allowed to follow the process from idea to stage, and I'll keep you updated as much as I can.

You can find "Beatrice" in Vem är Arvid Pekon? (Swedish), Tähtivaeltaja #1 2013 (Finnish), Jagannath and Steampunk Revolution (English).