A Very Important List

of current things.

  • Whey cheese is the food of the gods. Not the Terence McKenna's food of the gods, because it doesn't make you hallucinate, more of a general ambrosia.
  • I'm not happy about having to get the winter coat already.
  • Writing in your notebooks with anything else than archival ink will piss off your future self.
  • Most fountain pen ink is not archival quality.
  • The worst thing about being a creative writing teacher is that you forget to use your methods on yourself.
  • I have yet to find a good translation for the type of sturdy nylon you make kids' overalls from. The kind that's strong enough to safely tow your child behind a car in.
  • I once wrapped a wadmal kirtle around a rock and dragged it behind a car to give it the right patina. It turns out that wadmal doesn't give a crap about what you do to it.
  • I briefly considered whether I'm obligated to have an opinion on current politics on this blog. No.
  • I also considered whether I'm obligated to write in perfect English here. No. I'll save that for the prose.
  • For some reason, clothing stores don't sell bloomers. In a town where both skirts and bikes are popular, this is idiotic.
  • Every time I think about bloomers and bicycles, I think about Kate Beaton's velocipedestriennes. Kate Beaton rules.
  • Russian is the most beautiful singing language there is. Closely followed by Arabic. Possibly Turkish, too, because of how they treat vowels.
  • Turkish vowels and consonants are almost identical to Swedish. Visiting Turkey is creepy because if you don't listen closely, it sounds like everyone's speaking Swedish.
  • I just discovered the creepypasta wiki. It's lovely to see modern mythology in the making.
  • I don't care how cheesy Slender Man is, he scares the living crap out of me.
  • When I was little my parents let me watch whatever they were watching on TV. In a special on current horror films, they showed the scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street where Johnny Depp gets sucked into his bed. I spent the following year waiting to be sucked into my bed, every night.
  • This was not as bad as when they let me watch The Andromeda Strain and I spent months waiting for my blood to turn to powder.
  • Ditto the rodent-eating scene from V.
  • Whey cheese is the food of the gods.

That is all.

An extremely important addition:

  • The okapi can lick the inside of its own ear.