The 2014 award eligibility list

What it says in the title. The stories I published in 2013, eligible for award nominations in the short story category:  

"I Have Placed My Sickness Upon You" Strange Horizons, March 2013

"Sing" April 2013

"A Fine Show on the Abyssal Plain" Lightspeed Magazine #35, April 2013

"Moonstruck" Shadows & Tall Trees #5, May 2013


I hope to see eligibility lists from you other creators out there, too. And do check  John Scalzi's 2014 award awareness blog post, which has a ton of creators sharing info about eligible work.

With regards to the ongoing debate about whether it's bad form or not to inform people of your eligible work: Amal El-Mohtar has written a very fine post on the subject,and I agree with her wholeheartedly. Letting people know about your eligible work is vital. It's a pain to research whose work is eligible for what and when, so you're making it easier for everyone else. For me, for example. I would like to find great stories from 2013 that need nominating. So, do lists. Especially if you normally don't self-promote.