Launch date for The Starry Wisdom Library

This rare book auction catalogue finally has a launch date: FantasyCon in September 2014! What is it, then? Here's the editor's description:

The notorious library of the Church of Starry Wisdom was left to rot when the cult abandoned Providence for parts unknown.  Robert Blake discovered what was left of the library in his 1938 explorations – over fifty years after the cult had abandoned the Church.The library still contained such enormous rarities as the Necronomicon, the Liber Ivonis, and the Pnakotic Manuscripts. Imagine the library in its heyday, when the Church was still active.

What if, on the eve of disbanding, the Church of Starry Wisdom organized a rare book auction of the various tomes in their collection? What if the accompanying auction catalogue was privately published and privately circulated, disappearing for over a century until its recent rediscovery in the archives of Miskatonic University?  What if we could read the 1877 original today?

Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Contributors include Ramsey Campbell, Genevieve Valentine, Michael Cisco, Nick Mamatas, Gemma Files and Kali Wallace. I had the honor of writing a piece on Cultes des Goules. Very much looking forward to seeing the finished book!