Jagannath update & social media break

So, update. There'll be more of these from now on; I'm taking a break from social media - facebook and Twitter, that is - because they are doing a good job of fragmenting and destroying the attention I need to write. I didn't have a great attention span before facebook. It's even worse now. (Mind you, I'm not one of those who before the age of social media left the computer and went into the sun and air to frolic in meadows and shit.) jagannath-artefinal-peqPublishing-wise, the most exciting thing happening right now is the release of the Spanish translation of Jagannath from Ediciones Nevsky. Gorgeous cover to the right. The translation is special in that some of the stories are translated from Swedish (by Carmen Montes Cana, who has previously translated Swedish greats like Karin Boye), and some from English (by Marian Womack, who has translated stories by Lord Dunsany, Mary Shelley and Daphne du Maurier). Basically, the stories chosen for translation from their Swedish originals were the ones that might risk "whisper game disease" if translated from their English versions; they were also picked because they contained cultural concepts or references that might carry over better if translated directly instead of through an English interpretation. All stories originally written in English were translated from that language, of course. Since I don't speak Spanish, I can't appreciate the Spanish prose, but Spanish-speaking readers have so far written glowing reviews.

Here's one over at Ficción Científica, and another one at Fantifica: "Jagannath, el inquietante otro mundo de Karin Tidbeck".

I'm also working on a page with stories translated into languages other than English and Swedish, which you can find here.