Oh come on just play it once

English, sometimes it's like you're a DJ and I'm that person standing at the booth yelling for my favorite song, even though I know you'll only play it when you're good and ready or perhaps never because I'm at the wrong party. "No! We don't play Backpfeifengesicht here, that's over at the German place!"

In my dreams, you'll be playing songs like

Herbal Verbal's Here's a Single Verb For Saying Hello To Someone (Not Greet) and their slightly less known A Verb That Describes Having The Strength To Do Something

and I'd be dancing my ass off to The Composite Wordbitches' Fuck You Spacebar

and then late at night you'd be playing The The's B-side classic We Killed and Ate Definite Article

and then finally, as a last song, we'll have a sing-along to I Won't Conjugate My Verb Just 'Cause We Is Plural Now