Culture Crowdfunding Tuesday!

This week, there are two crowdfunding projects I'd like to direct your attention to. One is a puppetry show, and one is a Bulgarian writer. Both are in need of financial aid in order to go out there and bring wonderful things into the world.

Opportunity 1: Help a puppetry show go on the road


As you may know, the puppetry troupe Tidsrum (DK/UK) is staging an adaptation of my short story "Beatrice". It will premiere in June this year, and they're working on a tour of the Nordic countries - and after that, hopefully, the world!

In order to make all of this happen, they need funding. You can help an amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching puppetry show go on tour. Click here for detailed info about the project and find out how your contribution will help.

You can also visit Beatrice's facebook page here.


Opportunity 2: Help a writer attend Clarion

"I want to be a voice for my culture. I want to represent LGBTQ writers. I want to bring more diversity into speculative fiction and I believe Clarion can give my voice power."


Harry Markov is a Bulgarian author who just got accepted into Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop. The problem is he's in dire financial straits: even with the scholarship he received, he still can't afford to go.

Going to Clarion is one of the best things one can do as a SF/F writer in the English-speaking field - for me, it was how I broke through to the English-speaking market. It has made all the difference. Harry, too, writes in English as a second language and is trying to get his stuff out there.

I've been where Harry is right now, and I really really want to see him attend Clarion. This is the chance to help a new voice forward. You can find his homepage, and his donation fund, here.