Recap: three great things

I've been lax on the blog updating front, mainly because of work. One of the things I do for a living is read other people's manuscripts and critique them, which takes up a lot of headspace. At least for me. There's only so much text I can look at before my brain gets saturated. I've also been busy with a couple of new projects. And I've spent more time on Twitter, which decreases blogging by about 300%. But anyway. I spent Saturday at Fantasticon in Copenhagen, interviewing Filipino science fiction author Rochita Loenen-Ruiz. We had a very entertaining and interesting conversation about Filipino culture in relationship to science fiction, physical and cultural colonization, Rochita's work with using Filipino languages in her own fiction and lots of other stuff. We could pretty much have gone on all afternoon. We also ended up talking about the Anglophone cultural colonization that concerns both our cultures, which I think I'll write about separately. All in all, great day, and as always Fantasticon delivered the hygge.

In the publishing department, my short story "Moonstruck", originally published in Shadows and Tall Trees #5, is nominated for the British Fantasy Award. I'm absolutely delighted to be considered for the award - the shortlist is stuffed with great works, so I'm in very fancy company. Also very glad to see Sofia Samatar's amazing novel A Stranger in Olondria nominated for best novel; it's been showered in nominations and awards this year, and it's all well deserved. It's by far the best fantasy novel I read in 2013.

Finally, JAGANNATH is now available in Turkish, entitled ZEPLIN. Yay!