Songs for stories that never lived

Every now and then I find documents I've completely forgoten about. Here, squeezed in between an old version of "Beatrice" and my archived diary from the old Helgon community, I found a soundtrack list of a row of stories from 1998-2000 that never saw publication. So, I present to you: soundtracks for the stories that never were.

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Vidundret (The Monster)

Habackuk the prophet sits in a little rowboat with a fishing rod, preparing to catch larger and larger fish until he can finally get Tiamat on the hook.

Jarboe - Sacrifical Cake; Garmarna - Vedergällningen; U2 - Million Dollar Hotel; Cubanate - Antimatter; Rolling Stones

Jehovativoli (Jehovah Tivoli)

There's a tivoli with a freakshow and Jehovah is sandwiched in between a mermaid and a two-headed calf.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Let Love In; Miranda Sex Garden - Fairytales of Slavery

Katedralen (The Cathedral)

There's a cathedral underground, half-covered in flowstone. I partly re-used this image in Amatka.

Vangelis - El Greco

Kroppar (Bodies)

A young soldier in a drawn-out war between humans an an alien race decides to have a hybrid baby through sheer willpower, which she thinks will somehow open a dialog between the two warring factions. Scrapped, but a couple of the elements have been re-used later (see "Cloudberry Jam" for home-made babies).

Hans Zimmer - Gladiator Soundtrack; Howard Shore - LOTR soundtracks; Moby - Play

Budbäraren (The Messenger)

Dragon shows up outside abandoned house with an important message for whoever used to lived there. Neighboring old lady shows up and kills dragon with her shovel because she won't have any of that reptilian nonsense. Ornery old lady wouldn't let me haul it out of the comedy swamp.  The house and landscape returned in "Some Letters For Ove Lindström".

Tori Amos - Boys for Pele & From the Choirgirl Hotel; Loreena McKennit - The book of Secrets

Midnattshunden (The Midnight Dog)

No trace of this story. Supposedly it was about a midnight dog.

Tarkan - Ölörum Sana (I have no idea what's up with this combination. The draft title is pretty dark, while Tarkan is ... not exactly the lord of darkness.)


Ostron (Oyster)

Young woman gets up in the morning and declares "I'm God, and the world is my video game", proceeds to explore the planet as if it was Tomb Raider and ends up as a Sumerian deity. I remember this one was up for critique back in 2000, and got the comment "This is the first thing I've read by you that actually sucked".

Howard Shore - LOTR soundtracks; The Beatles - 1962-66; Led Zeppelin - various records