Archipelacon: a short-short report

I'm not the master of writing long reports, but Archipelacon deserves something because of its sheer awesomeness. I had the pleasure of being a guest of honor together with George RR Martin, Johanna Sinisalo, Parris McBride and Gary K Wolfe. The con was beautifully organized, set in the ridiculously picturesque town of Mariehamn in Åland. 

Stuff I did:

  • Signed a can of mushrooms 
  • Was told that "It seems that the sound of your voice makes my baby poop. It has pooped every time I've been to one of your program spots"
  • Talked about Nordic Weird with Johanna Sinisalo. We agreed that it's a good label for what we both do (although, as Johanna points out, Finnish Weird is the new New Weird).
  • Recorded a great Fantastisk Podd episode (in Swedish)
  • Talked about various forms storytelling with David Gullen, Mika Loponen and Sari Polvinen, going from the written word through Lone Wolf to transmedial projects
  • Failed to find the peacocks that supposedly roam the streets of Mariehamn and attack cars
  • Learned the many permutations of the word "vittu" and promptly forgot them again

If you're reading this and are wondering who to vote for in the Worldcon 2017 selection, know that Finland has once again proven they know how to put on an amazing show. The organizers were friendly and efficient; everything worked; the atmosphere was cozy and intimate despite the fact that the con had 800 members. Helsinki in 2017 is the only way to go.