From draft to story: pocket realities

Yesterday some old notes of mine went up on the Ghostwords site. It's a small part of several pages worth of notes that would eventually be the foundation of the story "Some Letters for Ove Lindström". It's a decent example of how my initial notes on something often seems to have very little in common with the end result. Here's a longer version: 

Stockholm, May 14
Question: What is reality?
Answer: The sphere where humanity through consensus has established rules for how things work. Language is the most important way with which humans convey the rules for how the world works and what it contains it. Language works as an information transmitter, and shapes the consciousness's picture of the world.
Stockholm, May 18
Question: Does reality have the same shape everywhere?
Answer: No, of course not. Local realities are always subtly different. For example, the American reality is dramatically more filled with frightening images. Interestingly enough: ”aliens” began as a defense mechanism in the brain, mixed with the influence of science fiction. These entities now have their own place. Reality has widened to include a new phenomenon. (yet another question: why interpret religious texts literally? It's like eating the recipe instead of cooking a meatloaf)
Stockholm, June 9
Question: Do they have a purpose here? Follow-up question: Can we understand that purpose? Would we find it relevant?
Answer: It's uncertain whether we would understand. But the fact is that in our pocket of the world, there are creatures who for some reason want to coexist with us.
A feasible experiment would be to confront such a creature. The question is, how do I make myself susceptible? How much does reality need to be reshaped for such a creature to come in?
The first part of the experiment must be to create a local reality that allows for an intrusion. How to do this? Language. Re-programming of language. What parameters to change? Those that determine the structure of reality. Time, place, action and consequence.
Whoever gazes at the world must believe. Faith is what opens the door for a new influx. Faith, channeled through the word. What would exist if humans weren't there to watch it? What is the reality that isn't confirmed through humanity's eye?
It should be doable. To prove the idea that the world isn't at all firmly shaped. I haven't been to the summer house since dad died and it passed to me. It's ten years ago, now. I could do it there.

The idea that eventually made its way into the story was the idea of pocket realities and creatures that want to share them with us. It's a theme that later comes back in several of my stories. I think these notes date back to somewhere in the mid-00's, around 2005 or so, when I'd begun to get really preoccupied with the subject. John A. Keel is probably partly responsible, because I re-discovered Mothman Prophecies and Strange Creatures From Time and Space back then. It was always there, but I hadn't begun to write about it until now. Eventually, stories came along to occupy that space. "Some Letters For Ove Lindström" was the first.