My mostly invisible year

Writing is a slow business. Finishing a short story can take anything from a week to several months. Then you shop it around, which can take anything from a week to several months, or in some cases, years, if it happens at all (yes, years. I know people who submitted a story for years until they finally had it published. In many aspects it's a numbers game, and sometimes it just takes a while). Upon acceptance the story is queued for publication, which can be, again, anything from a week to several months. So, from first draft to publication, you might be looking at years. And that's just for a short story. 

2015 was a busy year, but most of it was invisible. I published three short stories: "Mine-Wife", "A Call to Arms for Deceased Authors' Rights" and "Lyssna" (Swedish). I wrote several more stories and sold them, but they are all due for publication in 2016. I worked on a novel, which compared to the short story process is a whole new level of slow. Also, my agent shopped my 2012 novel Amatka around (with success!). 2016 will hopefully be more visible. I have three stories due for publication in Lightspeed, and in the anthology The Starlit Wood; I'll post more info as it comes. The English translation of Amatka is in the works and planned for spring 2017. There are more short stories in the pipeline. All of this is to say: things are happening. Keep an eye out.